Panorama Tools

PTGui started in the year 2000 as a Graphical User Interface for Panorama Tools, hence the name. Panorama Tools, originally written by Helmut Dersch, was the most versatile package for creating panoramic images at that time. It can handle every imaginable lens type, can output to many formats and projections including 360 degree spherical and rectilinear ('flat') formats. It can even correct lens distortions, use multiple rows of images and stitch tilted images. Panorama Tools is completely free (GPL-licensed). Although its features are numerous, Panorama Tools can be difficult to use and that's why PTGui was originally written.

Over the years nearly all functionality of Panorama Tools has been integrated into PTGui and Panorama Tools is no longer needed to run PTGui, but the Panorama Tools optimizer can still be used.

Panorama Tools Optimizer

We have compiled a standalone PTOptimizer executable, it can be used from within PTGui or any other application which supports the PTOptimizer script syntax:

Download (619 kb)

The zip includes both the Windows version (PTOptimizer.exe) and Mac version (ptoptimizer). The optimizer is statically linked against the Panorama Tools library, which means that it can be installed without risking conflicts with existing pano12.dll libraries. The source code is included as well but this is not needed for normal use.

To install PTOptimizer:
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