Use PTGui to create QTVR panoramas on Windows. QTVR is a format designed by Apple, for displaying spherical panoramic pictures in a webbrowser.

Although PTGui does not create QTVR panoramas directly, you can create a spherical panorama with PTGui and convert it to Quicktime VR format using third party software.

PTGui is panorama software that allows you to create multi row spherical panoramas. PTGui is a front end for Panorama Tools, the powerful panoramic imaging software written by dr. Helmut Dersch. PTGui makes it easy to use the otherwise difficult to use Panorama Tools. The PTGui software can be downloaded from this site. It uses high quality image transformations.

It can handle every imaginable lens type, can output to many formats and projections, including 360-degree spherical and rectilinear ('flat') formats. It can even correct lens distortion, use multiple rows of images and stitch tilted images.

Features of PTGui: