Video Tutorial
Before reading further be sure to check out our video tutorial for PTGui!

Masking in PTGui Pro
PTGui Pro includes a Mask Tool which can be used to hide or show parts of source images in the blended panorama.

HDR Panoramas with PTGui Pro
PTGui Pro supports the creation of HDR (High Dynamic Range) panoramas. This tutorial explains the concept and helps you get started.

Viewpoint correction with PTGui Pro
This tutorial shows how to add a handheld nadir image to a panorama, using the viewpoint correction feature of PTGui Pro.

Creating gigapixel panoramas with a robotic panohead
Explains how to use the Align to Grid tool to create very large panoramas.

Vignetting correction with PTGui Pro
Shows how vignetting (light fall off) can be corrected in PTGui Pro.

Straightening a panorama
How to straighten a curved horizon

Older tutorials

Quick Tour for PTGui 5
The Quick Tour shows how to create a panorama using PTGui. This is now covered by the video tutorial.

Post processing a layered panorama in PTGui 4
How to retouch the seams in a layered Photoshop panorama after stitching. This is now much easier done through Masking in PTGui Pro.

A few more tutorials, written by users of PTGui, can be found on the Links page.

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