PTGui is a photo stiching application, a front end for the stitcher of Panorama Tools. Photo stiching involves perspectively correcting images, such that they can be assembled into panoramic images. A panoramic image consists of several images aligned such that they match exactly. It will look like an image shot with a wide angle lens.

What is the difference between PTGui and other stiching software? First PTGui is not a stitcher by itself; rather it is a front end for Panorama Tools. More specifically it is a front end for PTStitcher, the stitcher of Panorama Tools. Although its features are numerous, Panorama Tools can be difficult to use and that's why PTGui was written. PTGui provides an easy to use point-and-click interface and hides all Panorama Tools' scripting commands from the user.

PTGui is a (Windows) front end for the great Panorama Tools package, for creating panoramic pictures. If you want to stitch panoramic images, Panorama Tools is the best photo stiching software there is.

Features of PTGui: