Stitching software

Applications that you use to stitch photographs together to form panoramic images are called stitching software. PTGui is stitching software.

Panoramic images are assembled of multiple images. Because the images are perspective corrected, a seamless stitch can be made and the panorama will look like an image taken with an artificial super wide angle lens.

Several types of stitching software exist: automatic stitchers and control point based stitchers. Not all stitching software can do multi row panoramas. A multi row panorama is a panorama consisting of images not only aligned next to each other, but also on top of each other.

If enough images are stitched together, a spherical panorama can be formed. This is a panorama where you can see the full environment of the camera.

With PTGui you can create spherical panoramas, single row panoramas and multi row panoramic images. It can handle every imaginable lens type, can output to many formats and projections, including 360-degree spherical and rectilinear ('flat') formats.

Features of PTGui: