Batch Builder [PTGui Pro only]

In combination with the Batch Stitcher, the Batch Builder is a tool for stitching a large number of panoramas in batch. The Batch Builder is input with one or more folders with source images and optionally a template project. It analyzes the source image folders to find groups of images that form a panorama. Finally project files are created for each group of images. The generated project files can then be sent to the Batch Stitcher for processing.

The Batch Builder is accessed by selecting Batch Builder in the Tools menu. Use it as follows:

1. Create a template (optional)

A template can be used to define specific settings for the projects to be created. Using a template for the Batch Builder is optional, you could choose to let PTGui Pro use default settings instead.

To create a template, start a new PTGui Pro project, set the desired parameters and choose File -> Save As Template. Some guidelines for creating templates for use with the Batch Builder:

When the template has been set up, choose File -> Save As Template to save it.

2. Detect panoramas

Launch the Batch Builder from the Tools menu. The topmost part of the window contains a list of image groups, initially empty.

Press Generate new projects. This opens the Detect Panorama Settings dialog. Three different detection methods are available:
Use the Image file extension field to restrict the search to files with certain extensions. Enter one or more file name extensions, without leading period, separated by commas. For example tif, jpg searches only for jpeg and tiff files. Leave this box empty to have the batch builder search for all supported image formats.

Press OK to start the detection process.

3. Modify source image groups

When detection has finished, the Batch Builder proposes a list of projects:

The actual project files have not been created yet and the image groups can still be modified:

Press the red cross button to remove an image from a project. Use the Add images link to add an image to a project. Remove a project by clicking Remove Project.

Projects can be split in two by clicking inbetween two images (scissors will appear). Similarly, two adjacent projects can be combined using the Combine with next link.

If a project contains more images than can be displayed in a single row (such as the second project in the above screenshot), the images will be collapsed with a number indicating the total number of images. Expand the image group by clicking on one of the images, and collapse it by clicking again.

To create a project from a specific group of images, use New project from source images. The selected images will be added in a new row in the project list.

4. Generate the projects

When you are satisfied with the proposed projects, the actual project files can be generated:

If you have created a custom template in the first step, select it at Use template. Otherwise choose New empty project to let PTGui Pro use the default project settings for the newly generated projects.

The generated project files will be added to a new Batch List. Choose the name of the batch list at Save to Batch List, or use the default name which is based on the current date and time. The Batch List file will be saved to the designated Batch List folder as defined in Options / Preferences (Folders & Files tab).

Press Generate Projects to create the project files and the Batch List. When done, PTGui Pro will launch the Batch Stitcher for you and start processing the generated projects.

Also see: Batch Stitcher